National Council of Churches in Pakistan 

NCCP call for immediate ceasefire between Israel & Paletine
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The National Council of Churches in Pakistan (NCCP) expresses its deep concern and despair regarding the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. There are so many innocent people, women and children either lost their lives, wounded, displaced or held hostages aftermath of deadly violence erupted last week.

NCCP strongly urge the parties for a swift and immediate ceasefire and restrain from further escalation. The parties must abide by the Geneve Convention rules of war.

The United National & International community must start rigorous diplomatic efforts to press the parties for ceasefire and commencement of peaceful dialogue.

We call on the international community to provide humanitarian aid, protect human rights, and ensure the safety and dignity of all those affected by war in Gaza. The innocent victims of this conflict are in dire need of food, shelter, medical assistance, and essential services.

NCCP reaffirms its commitment to the principles of peace, justice, and reconciliation and support any initiatives aimed at ending the suffering in the region.

May the spirit of understanding and compassion prevail. May the cries of the innocent be heard as we work towards a brighter, more peaceful future for all.

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