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Christian Conference Center - Khanspur

Welcome to our Ecumenical Center nestled in the picturesque Northern Mountain area of Pakistan. Here, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, we offer this place to Churches, ministries and parachurch organization to hold camps, retreats, training and community worship. This is the place for people eager to develop spiritual journey of faith, fellowship, and unity. Our center is a sanctuary for those seeking a deeper connection with God, a space where denominational differences fade in the light of shared love for Christ. With the capacity to accommodate 50 campers, it is a haven for those who wish to break free from the noise of the world and immerse themselves in a harmonious atmosphere of worship, reflection, and fellowship.

Join us in this sacred endeavor, where faith transcends boundaries, and the Northern Mountain area becomes a place of renewal and transformation.

To foster unity, understanding, and spiritual growth among campers from diverse Christian backgrounds by providing a peaceful and inclusive environment for reflection, worship, and fellowship.

To become a beacon of ecumenical harmony and spiritual renewal in the Northern Mountain area of Pakistan, where Christians from various churches and ministries can come together, deepen their faith, and build lasting connections.

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