National Council of Churches in Pakistan

Narowal District Witnesses Joyful Sunday School Rally

The Christian Education & Sunday School Program of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan (NCCP), organized a spirited Sunday school rally on 1st May 2024. Approximately 70 children from a remote village of Bhathanwala, and its adjoining area came with their faces beaming with excitement, gathered at the The Christ Church, which serves under the administrative boundaries of Church of Pakistan, Lahore Diocese.

The event, marked by an atmosphere of jubilation and learning, aimed to encourage, energize, and support the moral and spiritual growth of young kids through Bible teachings and Christian character building.

The day was filled with activities, stories, and songs that echoed the Christian value & teachings. The rally was not just a spiritual occasion but also a social gathering, where children from various backgrounds came together to learn and celebrate their faith.

A young girl, Bia Tariq from St. Esther Church, Pejowala, stands poised and confident. She is reciting Psalm 23 with a clear voice, a passage she has diligently memorized for this event.

Nutritious food was provided to all attendees, ensuring that the children were well-fed and energized throughout the day. In addition to the feast, the event was made memorable for the little ones with the distribution of gifts, which served as tokens of love and encouragement for their continued journey in faith.

The event show NCCP's committment in nurturing the next generation. Specially the generation which belongs to rural areas with humble socio-economic background aimed at installing in them the teachings of the Bible and the values of Christian life.

NCCP extend gratitude to Rev. Haroon Gill (DS Narowal) and Rev. B. M. Asher for their invalueable support in organizing the Sunday School rally.

Children are singing a song


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