victor_azariahIn February 1999, Mr. Victor Azariah was elected as General Secretary by the General Assembly of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan. It was big challenge for the new General Secretary to run the Council that was almost in dead condition. But he faced the Challenges and won the confidence of the Executive Committee with the full support of the staff.

First of all he equipped the offices with the latest equipment of Communication. Two latest computers with laser & colored printers were purchased and e-mail & Internet connections were secured and the fax machine was also installed. We are very grateful to CWS-Pakistan/ Afghanistan for their love, concern and financial assistance for upgrading NCCP work.

After improving the working conditions he felt that the building of NCC-Pakistan House should be renovated. We renovated the residential building of NCCP House as well as the servant quarters with the help of our local resources. The Condition of NCCP House is now presentable but the offices are still in very poor condition. Now the old building of NCC-Pakistan offices was demolished in February and planned to construct a multi-purposes building by the name of NCCP Ecumenical Centre. This building shall have all the offices, Youth, Women Concern, Christian Education, Communication and also office for the Work on Human Rights and Legal Assistance. The NCCP also planned to establish a net work for the help of the prisoners in order to minimize their miseries by providing them legal help as well as pastoral care. The NCCP has also planned that the volunteers and Pastors shall visit them at least once a week for conducting prayer meetings. NCCP also have printed a curriculum for religious examination, for the prisoners. According to the jail manual if a prisoner passes the exam he shall get remittance in his sentence for at least Six Months. 

The infrastructure for the work of NCCP is very important for the Awareness programs, Consultations, Seminars and Meetings. The proposed Ecumenical Centre shall meet all the requirements.